Friday, July 9, 2010

What Fools We Are!

What fools we are...we who, granted by the Constitution control our own government. We have relinquished that control by apathy to a corporate "crime wave". We who are generally law abiding are allowing criminals, perpetrators of fraud, and felons to have their way. Among the results is foremost the "great recession" created by 30 years of deregulation of the banking industry resulting in massive fraud. Didn't we do this once already in the 80s with the Savings and Loan Scandal? Why can't we fund banking regulation. Why can't we enforce existing laws and prosecute this white collar "crime wave"? The answers lay in the immoral system of lobbyist and in campaign funding by criminals.

Where is the outcry in the media? What fools we are to allow giant corporations to dictate what the news is...what to report...what to investigate? Americans sit idly, spellbound by the media's spectacle of a demonic game of political bickering, rancor, and recriminations. They are selling tickets to a side show of fire breathers and sword swallowers who mock the fundamentals of democratic government.

What fools we are swallowing whole the "theory" of free trade and deregulation. The criminal corporations have destroyed American manufacturing and shipped it overseas along with millions of good paying jobs for the middle class; all for a mess of that the last farthing can float upward to the plutocracy. What fools we are to swallow the idea of perpetual growth, rejecting sustainability.

Isn't it amazing...all the hand wringing in the "great recession" and the attempts to "stimulate" the economy out of the red and into the black. It is described as the "jobless recovery". Damn right! Some recovery! The reason American is jobless is that corporate America has no loyalty to American labor. They fight against living wages with every ounce and every breath. Who built the greatest economic dynamo in history? American labor! The wealthy class provided the capital but where would they be without the labor expended in the last 150 years? Capital must respect labor! Otherwise they are nothing! The pundits moan about "weak consumer confidence" and "lack of consumer spending". How can you have a consumer economy if you do not pay living wages? The WAR which the media is totally ignoring is the corporate war on "living wages".

The strangle hold of corporate power on our American government and culture is the bastard child of the United States Supreme Court who has given birth to the "personhood of the corporation" in the nineteenth century. The Court has gradually bestowed increasing political power on the American corporation since the 1880s while at the same time unwittingly robbing its citizens of their political power. The representation characterized by a Republic has been transfered from the citizens of the United States and bestowed on corporate boards. They are the ones who have "representation". The average citizen is totally ignored.

What fools we are to allow this to occur. It has been done under the banner of "conservatism".