Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things Gone Wrong

For this I will revoke my usual third person and use first.

For the last months and weeks I have had scores of topics racing through my mind about which I could express the turmoil which is seething inside. Whether or not I have the right to even experience this moral rage, I cannot answer. Perhaps some wise man could say...I do not know. I do not think that anyone gave me the right to be a judge of my fellow man. ...but I think of it more as a judgement of collective faults and conditions and not necessarily the judgement of individuals. Things do seem to go wrong when human beings team up to carry out the deeds of their worst angels. ... things have gone terribly wrong.

It seems that we have the propensity for the escalation of evil. Temptations seem so easily to out wrestle us. We succumb with little resistance...almost with pleasure, especially when we are enjoined with those who mingle their weaknesses with our own. Things have really gone wrong.

The thing that is so troubling is that hundreds of years of human progress, with democracy functioning for the benefit of all classes of people, has been reversed. There seems to be a propensity for elites to gain control of the state even in a democracy and to use it selfishly for their insatiable appetites and pleasures. The 1% have lives of pleasure and plenty, the 99% are collateral damage who mainly serve the purpose of providing the fodder consumed by the elites. I believed that the right to vote would easily defeat such tyranny...I was wrong. Things have turned for the worse.

This problem is not just one of the rich nation we are, but a problem of how the entire world has adopted the economic model which we have created. In err they have observed our wealth and ease and concluded that our example is to be followed in their own pursuit of happiness. Whats more, the masses of the world have been caught in nothing more than the ideas of the old original European "colonialism" where human beings are just dust under foot, their land to be polluted, their labor to be exploited and their riches taken with out consent into the upper echelons of "the market". Too damn bad if you are at the bottom of the heap! Things have gone from bad to worse.

A ray of hope has arisen. "Occupy Wall Street"...! When you watch the parades of protesters, the crowds, you read the signs, you see in evidence... lives which have been destroyed, jobs, homes have been lost, bankruptcies have occurred! Veterans who gave their essence have come home to a nothingness after having felt they were protecting the homeland with their very lives. You see they have not quite yet given up. They reached inside for the will to make things change. Some faith is still left.

The political power which we all know exists of a people united to a common cause, rests in them and only needs to be awakened. It only needs to be believed. The power is there to make things better and is sublimely dwelling and waiting for the numbers to swell. ...and when the numbers are enough, it becomes a tide...a tsunami! I dream of it's sweep, of it's power to cleanse corruption, to hold accountable the high crimes against the people. A fresh start is possible but it requires "E Pluribus unium".