Friday, October 29, 2010


If Obama and the Democrats had opened investigations into the fraud and felonious conspiracy of the banks and of Wall Street, American voters would have been able to believe in "change". But alas.

If the Department of Justice would have initiated prosecutions for the Sub-prime scandal as was done after the Savings and loan scandal, American voters would not be so angry as they are now. But alas.

If the "free traders", and the "de-regulators", and the "privatizers" and the "outsourcers" had not had a successful complete takeover during the last 30 years, the United States would not have had the economic catastrophe of 2008-2009. But alas.

If Americans had the sense and the guts to demand a halt to the political bribery in which our democratic political process is being held hostage, and demanded that big corporations be held accountable for their crimes, the American middle class and the poor would not be in free fall. But alas.

If frogs had wings, they would not bump their asses when they hopped.