Friday, July 8, 2011

To Heed or Not To, That is the Question

It is attributed to Santayana that he said, "Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it."

We homo-sapiens will always live in a struggle between our better natures and our lesser. Today we are fortunate to have had for 200 plus years, documents which contain the rules, and supply the guidelines to experience human liberty and happiness. We are constantly torn by the temptation to stray from them to our own misery and destruction, the same misery we meet out to other peoples. Again and again over the ages our species will be required to decide if we will live by what we have learned, become ignorant of it, or simply ignore what we know to be the right path.

We are at that cross roads again now. Will we have a Republic or an Empire? Will we respect human rights and liberty or will we voluntarily turn those over to the state? If the people of our era are bored with the preservation of liberty our children will have to start from scratch again.

The editorial followed by two other commentaries in the July 18, 2011 of Nation magazine have nimbly given light to these problems. The editorial is EMPIRE OR REPUBLIC? The commentaries are: COMING OUT FOR CHANGE, and THE WAR ON CIVIL LIBERTIES.

Give it a look.