Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Personal Worth (not the one on your financial statement)

Sure are lots of referenced to the "jobless" recovery these days. The "talking heads" of the business world bemoan the weakness of "consumer confidence" and the absence of consumer spending. This is ironic to hear after the dearth of the slightest concern in recent memory whether or nor the working class had jobs or not.

Why are the bankers and business moguls so concerned of late about "jobs" of all things? Don't they have heavier matters to fret about? The welfare of the commodity of "labor units" is not a traditional worry. They don't give a "rats ass" so to speak, if human beings have jobs or not!

Ah, as it turns out, big business(what a typically American term)needs the money of the "lowest class", the laboring class. Wow, if these common human beings don't have jobs they don't spend money and don't purchase the products of big industry...who have have done careful research and assure us that we need the 150 odd different kinds of toothpaste they have determined are absolutely essential to healthy teeth. Better get cracking and figure out how to get America back to work!

These words written in 1848 seem relevant in the 21st century. The ownership class "...has transformed personal worth into a mere exchange value, and substituted for countless dearly-bought chartered freedoms the one and only unconscionable freedom of Free Trade. It has in one word, replaced an exploitation veiled by religious and political illusions by exploitation open, unashamed, direct, and brutal." ...words of Marx and Engels, "The Communist Manifesto" Hmmmm...did they know about "free trade" in 1848?

The more things change the more they remain the same.

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