Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rights of Conquest

The 60th anniversary of the Palestinian Refugee camps was marked a couple of days ago. The United Nations set up "temporary" camps to house the approximately 800,000 people who were driven from their land and homes by the Israelis with the success of the 1948 war of "independence" for Israel. The first two countries to recognize the new nation were The United States and England.

Turned out that the refugee camps were not so "temporary" and the numbers of people has grown to more than 3 million with several generations. These refugees have never been allowed to return to their homes nor been paid for their homes so the effect is that the land was stolen. The refugees have been foisted on the neighboring countries and upon the UN to take care of.

This is the spectacle which for more than 60 years the United States has approved and supported both militarily and financially. This is why the United States is reaping what we have sown. The "rights of conquest" are not rights listed in the US Declaration of Independence or the bill of rights.

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